Water Proofing

Of all the problems that keep a residential or commercial property-owner awake at night, water ingress has to be among the worst. Over time, leaking water is capable, of doing so much damage and, where it interacts with electrical services, of being a real hazard to life that you just have to have the services of a waterproofing expert when restoring or renovating an older building.

Luckily for Perth property owners, there’s Shami Renovations to call on. Part of the secret of successful waterproofing is to involve the waterproofing experts at every stage of the project. Our highly-trained water-proofing specialists will inspect your property and discuss your plans for renovating it with you and with the rest of the Shami Renovations project team. This gives them the opportunity to flag potential problems in advance, so that the restoration plans can be adapted either to eliminate the hazard, or to facilitate the cheapest possible remedy for the problem.

As with all our restoration tradesmen, we choose our waterproofing specialists for their proven abilities to deal with the special problems of older structures and, just as important, to coordinate their work with that of the larger team. So when H&B Renovations handles your waterproofing, you can sleep easy.

If you’re a Perth home or commercial property owner, and you’d like to discuss your property’s waterproofing needs with a Shami Renovations professional, call us on 0424 737 959 or send us an online request.

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