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Renovating or restoring a commercial or residential property demands all the skills and trades that went into building the original structure – and then some more! Because even in a relatively young city like Perth, its older buildings will contain much infrastructure that can be retained, but also much that must be replaced if the outcome is to be sound and fit for purpose. And when it comes to the plumbing, any errors are likely to be buried deep within the fabric of the building, making them all the more costly to put right. Old plumbing can comprise materials that are no longer code-compliant, and gas appliances may be dangerously dilapidated. It’s vital, therefore, that you choose a renovator who can offer plumbing services that take account of the vagaries inherent in the plumbing of old buildings. And there’s more. It’s no good having a highly skilled plumber who knows his trade backwards, if it turns out that he is not capable of integrating his services with the larger project team. For a complex project you need team players, who perform on time and within the agreed budget, if the entire project is not to be derailed.

Shami Renovations has been managing renovation projects in Perth since 2010, and is proud of its growing roll-call of happy customers. We understand these challenges intimately, and our team of certified, fully insured plumbers can meet them head on. Our plumbing restorations, carried out with the highest quality environmentally friendly materials and energy-efficient materials and components, will pass the most exacting tests.

We start by ensuring that all our plumbers are certified by the Master Plumbers’ Association, who operate a graduated system of certification embracing plumbing and gas-fitting. Beyond mere certification, though, we demand that our plumbers demonstrate their ability to work on older buildings, to detect the problems associated with plumbing which may have been installed decades earlier, and to devise practical solutions that not only restore the original plumbing services, but improve upon it.

Next, we ensure that our plumbers are team players. They must demonstrate to us their ability to plan restorative work with the accuracy needed to ensure that their work is completed within the time allocated to it in the larger project. Furthermore, they must demonstrate their ability to adhere to the accepted plan.

Only when they meet these rigorous conditions do we allow plumbers to join our team of tradesmen. The result, for the customer, is Perth’s leading restorative plumbing service, a service that our clients can rely upon to produce the outcome they need.

Residential Plumbing

If you’re renovating or restoring a residential property in Perth, you’ll want the plumbing to be in the best possible hands. An old building usually has old plumbing in it. And old plumbing needs special skills – the experience to know what needs to be replaced and what can be retained, for instance – skills you just don’t find in everyday plumbers. Unreliable contractors, unlicensed tradesmen, or guys that just can’t seem to show up on time – all these spell grief for the home renovator. For peace of mind, and a good night’s sleep, you need Shami Renovations’ plumbing services.

Shami Renovations was founded in 2010 by Ben Shami, who takes great pride in the track record, and the roll-call of delighted renovation customers he has created. Part of the secret of Shami Renovations’s success is the way it chooses its tradesmen. “Our plumbers have to have a proven ability to handle the kind of work that makes Shami Renovations special. It’s not enough simply to have Master Plumbers’ Association accreditation. They must also understand the special problems that come with working on an old property, within a larger project team.”

At Shami Renovations, the aim is not only to restore the original plumbing services, but to improve upon them. So whether you are engaged in a major renovation project, a ground-up restoration, or simply a functional facelift for your bathroom or kitchen, you’ll be overjoyed by the results you get from Shami Renovations.

If you’d like to discuss your plumbing needs with an Shami professional, call us on 0424 737 959 or send us an online request.

Commercial Plumbing

Renovating a commercial property is a complex process, and it’s important that all the elements of the project mesh smoothly, if a successful outcome is to be assured. Disruptions not only cause inconvenience and frustration, they can seriously affect the profitability of the business the building is intended to serve. If you are planning to renovate a commercial property in Perth, one of your most serious concerns must be to ensure that your plumbing services are taken care of by experts who have the requisite experience in dealing with the particular problems presented by older buildings.

Water and gas reticulation is necessarily embedded deep within the structure of a building, and defective, dilapidated material can be very hard to detect and replace. Furthermore, plumbing practice and codes have evolved considerably over recent years – plumbing that may be functioning quite adequately may nonetheless need to be upgraded simply to make it compliant with current regulations. At the same time, it’s clearly desirable to reuse sound, compliant infrastructure, so you want your plumber to have a working knowledge, not only of today’s codes, but of the history of plumbing regulation, in order that what’s serviceable can be retained, and only what’s no longer fit for purpose discarded.

Luckily, Perth property renovators have Shami Renovations to turn to. At Shami Renovations our plumbing specialists are chosen, like all our tradesmen, with fastidious care. We select only those plumbers who understand the problems inherent in old buildings, and who have a proven ability to work successfully within a larger restoration team.

If you would like to discuss your plumbing needs with an Shami Renovations professional, call us on 0424 737 959 or send us an online request.

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