Your Kitchen


Do you long for a kitchen that will allow you to demonstrate how you could give lessons to a Michelin starred chef? Do you want every gadget invented in exactly the right place? Do you want to have all your friends green with envy when they come over for that special meal?

Or are you the kind of cook who just wants to open a tin or a packet and put the smallest amount of effort into your meal but wants it done with elan! And the quickest possible clean up afterwards.

Perhaps your dream kitchen will have country style, with wooden counters and a traditional range. Or perhaps you like an ultra modern design, where everything is hidden behind glossy cupboards, with sparkling clean bench tops, no clutter, and a futuristic look.

A new kitchen is surely the most important room where experience in renovation really comes into its own. There is little scope for alteration once the plumbing, electrical and cabinetry work has been done. That is why from the initial consultation to the final handover, every step of the work will be scrutinised to ensure perfection in every tiny detail.

Our expert designers will sit down with you to find out what kind of kitchen you want, need and dream of. We at Shami Designs will help you choose everything from the initial floor plan to the final placement of the last item. It is probably in the kitchen that our project management skills come into their own. From floor coverings to ceiling lights we look after every aspect of your new kitchen until it’s ready for you to cook that first cordon bleu meal (or heat up that frozen culinary delight).