Interior Design

Whether you’re planning a home or setting up a business working environment, it’s vital to get the look of the finished project right. How often, in Perth, do we see excellent construction craftsmanship embodied in a new of restored property, only to be let down by poor choice of the fixtures, fittings and general design of the interior?

In business, the look of your premises tells your colleagues and customers so much about who you are and what you stand for, and what you aspire to become. For some, a contemporary, cutting-edge look is just what they need to convey the values of their business. Other businesses want to project a sense of stability and gravitas, and need to avoid looking too contemporary, so they will need a more traditional look to their décor, fixtures and fittings. But in either case, the resulting interior design must function well for those who inhabit and use it, and be a practical, pleasant space in which to work. These criteria are often in conflict with one another. Resolving that conflict of values, to bring about a practical, affordable solution is the task of the interior designer.

At Shami Renovations, we select our interior consultants with the same fastidious care that we take over our tradesmen. As with our tradesmen, the ability to work effectively within the larger Shami Renovations project team is a key attribute. Only when we are satisfied that an interior design consultant can meet our exacting criteria are they admitted to our team.

How is it done?

Ideally, the interior design of a renovation project will be settled at the outset of a project, to ensure that the efforts of the builders and those of the interior designers can be carefully coordinated. When a renovation client asks us to advise them on the design of their interior, we start by calling a meeting with the selected interior design consultant, who will discuss the functional purpose of the finished space and listen, in the first instance, to the client’s own ideas as to how it should look, and what sort of ‘feel’ it should have. The consultant will then go away and produce some perspective sketches to provide some ideas as to how various options would look. A further meeting with the client follows, at which samples of materials will be reviewed and discussed, and a final plan and budget adopted. The consultant then liaises closely with the builders during the building phase of the project, before finally supervising the acquisition and fitting of the chosen finishes and appliances.

Residential Interior Design

These days, the variety of interior design available to home-owners is bewildering. Just think back a hundred years – home interiors were more or less uniform, within any particular social stratum. There were, essentially, few choices to make, beyond where to put the piano, and how many aspidistras to have.

Nowadays, the Perth home owner wanting to renovate is, quite literally, spoilt for choice, with so many styles and ideas competing for attention that it’s very easy to end up with an unholy cocktail that has superficial appeal, but lacks coherence and, even worse, doesn’t function well as a home environment. Many an excellent home renovation project has been spoiled by poor division of living space, poor choice of finishing materials, or fittings and appliances that looked seductively attractive on the catalogue page or in the showroom, but turned out to be hopeless to live with.

Luckily, Perth home renovators can rely on Shami Renovations to advise them on the design of their interiors. Like all our specialists, Shami Renovations chooses its interior design consultants with fastidious care. We insist that our interior designers have a proven ability to create solutions that deliver lasting satisfaction, using materials that combine durability with practical utility. But we go further – they must also be capable team players, working effectively within a larger team so that the project stays on schedule and on budget.

If you’re a Perth home owner, and you’d like to discuss your interior design with an Shami Renovations professional, call us on 0424 737 959 or send us an online request.

Commercial Interior Design

The interior design of a commercial building has to accomplish two things. Firstly, it has to be an efficient, practical place for employees to accomplish the work of the business. And then, just as importantly, it has to have the right ambience - it’s vital that the space in which you work speaks to the kind of business you are, and what you aspire to become. For some businesses in Perth, it’s appropriate to project a cutting-edge, ultra-modern feel. Others need to present a look of stability and gravitas, and will need a far more traditional feel to their interior.

All businesses, though, are likely to need aspects of modern technology - data reticulation, smart environment control, access control, and so forth. To get the result right, it’s important that you consult the right people at an early stage of a renovation project. Treating interior design as a separate element of your project, and as something of an afterthought, is bound to end in grief, as aspects of your interior design will need to be provided for in the building phase.

At Shami Renovations, our interior design consultants are chosen for their proven ability to deliver solutions that not only look great, but provide our clients with an efficient, stimulating and productive space to work in.

If you’re a Perth commercial property owner, and you’d like to discuss your property’s interior design with an Shami Renovations professional, call us on 0424 737 959 or send us an online request.

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