Electrical Services

When you’re planning to renovate your commercial or residential property, the last thing you want to skimp on is electrical services. Like its plumbing, the wiring of a building is embedded deep within its structure, and any errors made during the restoration process will necessarily be expensive and time consuming to correct. Electricity can and does kill. Old wiring can dilapidate, leaving it dangerously uninsulated and unprotected. Even the metal core is not immune to decay, as it can corrode and become crystalline. This increases its electrical resistance, making it less energy efficient, and generating heat under load, with the attendant risk of fire. Renovating, or simply maintaining the electrical wiring in a property that may be decades old, requires electrical contractors who understand these issues intimately, can identify flaws in old wiring, and have the skills, experience and diligence to make the system good.

Luckily, Perth commercial and residential property owners can call on the electrical services of Shami Renovations in their restoration or renovation projects. Shami Renovations founder Ben Shami makes no bones about selecting only the best electrical tradesmen to serve on his team. “When renovating an older property, electricians need skills that are not required when simply installing new wiring and appliances. Knowing what has to be replaced and what can be retained and reused takes a deep understanding of the trade, and not many electricians have it. A big part of my job is finding the right people for my team.” Like all its tradesmen, Shami Renovations employs only electrical contractors who have demonstrated their skill in handling the particular challenges presented by the wiring found in older properties.

And, like all its tradesmen, they must have a proven ability to work effectively within the larger Shami Renovations team. Because it’s no good having an expert electrical contractor if he fails to show up when required, or fails to complete his work in the planned time, keeping the other trades waiting and disrupting the project as a whole. A successful team-worker must have the ability to plan his element of the project and, once the plan has been accepted, complete the work on time, within budget and according to specification. Shami Renovations has no room for unreliable tradesmen.

So when you choose Shami Renovations for your project, you can be sure, not only that your electrical work will be done safely and according to code, but efficiently, and ‘in synch’ with the rest of the restoration team. Peace of mind – that’s the Shami Renovations way.

Residential Electrical Services

Most residential property owners will renovate a property once or twice in a lifetime. And in the intervening period, electrical service technology will have changed in important ways. These days home owners want to avail themselves of all the smart technology that lights, heats, cools, feeds, entertains and safeguards their family. So planning the electrical services of a renovation has to be done at an early stage of the project, with the help of an expert who not only understands the latest and greatest in technology, but is trained to install and it, set it up for use and maintain it. And when the property in question is an old one, other considerations come into play. Older wiring was insulated with material that is salty to the taste –if you’re a rat. So rodents and other vermin are attracted to it, and may dilapidate it to the point where it becomes a fire hazard.

Perth home owners can rely on Shami Renovations’ electrical experts to deal with all these challenges. Like all our tradesmen, they are carefully selected for their ability to work on older properties. They know what can be retained, and what needs replacing. And they are right across the latest technology, so your smart systems are in good hands.

If you’re a Perth residential property owner, and you’d like to discuss your property’s electrical service needs with an Shami Renovations professional, call us on 0424 737 959 or send us an online request.

Commercial Electrical Services

In a modern commercial building, electricity powers a bewildering array of services. Most obviously, modern buildings are ‘plumbed’ for data carriage – a consideration that simply didn’t arise until 30 years ago. Then there’s the need many businesses have for uninterrupted power supply, smart access control, emergency lighting (often an OHS requirement) and so forth. And looming over all these is the overarching need for energy efficiency – a very low priority when many of the buildings now in use were built, but vital in today’s environment of rising energy costs. If you’re planning to renovate one of these older buildings, you need to plan your electrical services at the outset, with the help of an expert in the field. That’s where Shami Renovations comes in.

Our project team includes electrical specialists who understand the challenges inherent in renovating aging commercial electrical systems, and can advise on and install all the smart technology a modern business is likely to need.

Like all our tradesmen, our electrical specialists have a proven ability to deliver on time and within the agreed budget. They are experienced at working within, and coordinating their activities with a larger restoration project team. So when you choose Shami Renovations, your commercial property restoration couldn’t be in better hands.

If you’re a Perth commercial property owner, and you’d like to discuss your property’s electrical service needs with an Shami Renovations professional, call us on 0424 737 959 or send us an online request.

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