Making the tough choices easier

You would never expect to undertake something as important as a home renovation without having some idea of what you wanted. But sometimes it can be difficult to decide what precedence to give to your long list of must haves and would likes. And then there are the things that you didn’t even know you could have!

Here at Shami Renovations we will give you as much time, advice and help to make sure that whatever size your renovation is to be, it will end up exactly what you want, not what is easiest for us, or what we think would be best for you. It’s your house, your renovation, your choice.

There are many companies in Perth that specialise in home extensions, renovations, and refurbishments. But at Shami Renovations we like to think that we listen to our clients and take notice of what they say they want, but also that we listen to the subtext. While other companies offer consultations, we offer far more. We offer peace of mind, in depth discussion, the perception to delve beneath the stated aims to discover what kind of people are clients really are. We share their worries, their hopes, their desires; we calm their fears, rejoice in their happiness and gain far more than earthly rewards from the sight of those smiling faces at the end of the renovation. And if necessary, we offer coffee.

Consultation is not just something nice to have – it’s an essential part of the renovation process.

About us

On Site Management

Whether it is a small renovation or an extensive makeover, Shami Renovations will ensure that every step of the work is managed by a member of our team. read more

The Shami Renovation Team

Shami Renovations is a family-run business run by Ben Shami, who brings to Shami Renovations’ clients his experience in all aspects of every kind of renovation project. read more