Transforming your Bathroom

Indulgence to the next level 

When planning your renovation, bathroom design is of paramount importance. Your ensuite is going to be an extension of your luxurious bedroom, so it makes sense to consider your lifestyle when choosing form and function. Fittings and fixtures that complement your chosen style are essential to creating the total look.

Your family bathroom, of course, needs just as much planning and thought, but the choice of design here will depend just as much on who is going to use it, as on how it fits in with the rest of the renovation project. Small children will grow into teenagers, teenagers into young adults, and this must all be factored into the design. Our experienced designers and planners will consider this aspect of your renovation, and make practical suggestions that reflect the growing needs of your family. We will present for your approval the very best in quality and function to make each bathroom exactly right for you.

Of course, if your family has all flown the nest, there is the even more important consideration of visiting friends, and even the next generation of family. Our team is expert at forward planning!

And of course, no matter how much work is going into your bathrooms, our experienced project managers will take care of everything. Once you have chosen your design, the complete package will be presented to you for approval before any work goes ahead, and then our qualified tradies will undertake the work under the designated manager, finally presenting you with the bathroom of your dreams.